Manufacturers of Maine Group Trust

promoting successful manufacturing in Maine

Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance

The Manufacturers of Maine Workers’ Compensation Self Insurance Group Trust (MMGT) was created with the mission to promote successful manufacturing in Maine.  The MMGT was created by manufacturers for manufacturers and they would like you to consider joining them.  Members of MMGT receive the best loss prevention and claims management services available while also minimizing their workers’ compensation costs.

 MMGT is one of the most successful, cost effective providers of workers’ compensation coverage in Maine.  Created to benefit the members and their employees– not insurance carriers, it is made up of 18 employers with approximately 1,200 employees and has an incredible record of safety and lower costs. 

 As a group, the members work together to keep employees safe, reduce costs and maintain standards of excellence in all areas of the program.  Premiums are consistently below market and during the last 30 years MMGT has refunded over $12.3 million, which is approximately 26% of all premium paid

Why Workers' Compensation Group Self-Insurance?

  • Control and stability over your workers’ compensation program
  • Competitive pricing
  • Premium refunds
  • Long term approach to minimize cost and maximize benefits
  • Self-Insured employers represent nearly 42% of the overall WC market in Maine  (based on standard premium)
  • Dedicated Service Team for Loss Control
        Customized Loss Prevention Programs
  • Dedicated Service Team for Claims Management
       – Aggressive Claims Management Programs
  • Dedicated Service Team for Administration/Underwriting
  • Access to numerous training programs
  • Access to on-line claims management system 24/7
  • Preferred candidates: Minimum $15,000 premium and
    modification factor under 1.25 

the long-term workers' comp solution

Manufacturers of Maine Group Trust

Providing workers' compensation protection for the best of the best manufacturing companies since 1993.

  1. Is safety part of your company culture?
  2. Are you passionate about providing a safe work environment that sends employees home happy and healthy at the end of each day?
  3. Do you want to reduce costs and maintain standards of excellence?
  4. Would you value association with leading Maine companies?
  1. Our members don’t pay insurance companies, we pay ourselves.
  2. The best safety expertise and support team in the industry.
  3. A collaborative approach that saves money and keeps our employees safe.
  4. Long term focus and savings unmatched in the industry.

What our members say about us

Being a part of the MMGT has certainly been the right decision for us at JSI. Their oversight, encouragement, guidance, and timely support are exactly what we needed to help keep our employees safe, which is evident by our current mod rate of .52.
Gordon R. Smith
Director of Human Resources, JSI Store Fixtures - Bangor
AMI has been a member for 22 years and never looked back. I’ve personally been responsible for Safety & Workers Comp. for over 25 years working with many insurance companies and providers. The Manufacturers of Maine Group Trust surpasses anyone else for Service, Commitment, Training, Support and Year-after-Year rate competitiveness………….Hands Down!
Steve Boulet
HR/Safety/Facilities Mgr, Auburn Manufacturing, Inc. - Mechanic Falls
Being a member of the MMGT ensures that we stay active in our safety efforts. Nothing gets pushed, “off the plate,” as we are encouraged to be proactive in our safety approach. Another benefit is attending group trust meetings with like-minded companies allows us the ability to talk openly about safety efforts that work and ones that might not work.
Christopher Hyfield
Human Resources Director, Prescott Metal/EAM - Biddeford
Having been a member for over 20 years I can say that the many benefits, opportunities and resources for training are priceless. The commitment, guidance and support have become the norm within this organization. I don’t know where we would be without the Manufacturers of Maine Group Trust and our employees are better off for it.
Peter Flanders
Safety & Environmental Manager, Sabre Yachts - Raymond